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Are You Gaming Enough?

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It’s Monday.  Of course like you, I love the weekends.  Years ago during my real estate career, I remember when one of the company’s top executives, Philip Waddington retired, he said something in his retirement speech that has always stuck with me.  “No more Sunday nights.” Hmm.  It’s a good point.  But I also like to embrace the coming week and look at Mondays as the start of another 5 days of opportunity.  My Monday starts almost immediately as I get up around 3am.  The first order of business is to start looking through the latest news posts on, Twitter and the various emails from news sources from around the nation and in our area.  This morning I was struck by a post on that asked the question…”Is Your Child Addicted To Video Game? NJ Therapist’s Advice For Parents.

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