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OK, done. I went head-to-head with the world champion of competitive eating, Joey Chestnut. Well sort of. I did participate in a contest with him and nine other competitive eaters. I didn’t puke. And I won the bet. That’s right, our friends at the Yankees AA club, Trenton Thunder challenged me to eat at least six pork roll sandwiches at their second annual pork roll eating competition. Six? I can do six. Of course most of my radio colleagues bet the under thinking that there is no way I’d be able to consume nearly two pounds. They did have good reason to make what was arguably the “safe bet”. My Chasing News colleague Jessica Nutt presented the full story today for “Chasing News” starting off with “working weekends can be fun…” Lemme explain what she meant…

Our weekend started with a “Pork Roll Pep Rally” sponsored by the Thunder at Killarney’s pub in Hamilton.

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Pitchin’ Porkroll

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The Daily Point Headers

Had a great time last night at the Trenton Thunder ball park throwing out the first pitch and enjoying the “Ballpark Jersey Fusion” cuisine, which I just made up, but think it might stick as a hashtag, #BallparkJerseyFusion.  Ok, hot dogs and pork roll.  Really though, first class stadium food.

And for some of the items, bacon is added making everything better.  The best thing on the menu and quite possibly the best thing I’ve eaten all week was the “Pig Pen” which is a combo of mashed potatoes, pork roll, bacon AND pulled pork.  I think that Jessica Nutt  from Chasing News would agree, although both of us loved the pork roll version of the Philly Cheesesteak…because, well, cheese whiz…some of which did end up on the floor…sorry guys.  Yes, the feast took place in the broadcast booth which I think we completely disrupted.  Although both broadcasters, Adam and Jon were good sports and let the GM Jeff  know that we should be invited back, apparently this was the only time they were allowed to eat in the booth.  Anyway, it was a great time and compared to the time and money families spend on major league games, the best bang for your sports entertainment buck.

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