#TBT…Droppin’ The G

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It’s Throwback Thursday…thought I’d share a blog post that someone wrote a few years ago— upset at my using words ending in “ING” but droppin’ the “G”… As you know, I’m #DigginIn to New Jersey and standin’ up for cops.  That means I’m makin’ sure the positive stories about law enforcement get to everyone listening to me in the mornin’ on NJ101.5 FM and watchin’ nightly on Chasing News.

It is not conversational nor informal to substitute an N-sound for an NG-sound. It is stupid, and obviously, for you, an educated man, a dopy and deliberate affectation. It’s not lazy, because there is no saving of energy in such a substitution. Indeed, there may be more energy entailed in thinking of what you should say but stopping yourself from saying it, instead to substitute something else. For instance, do you use -IN in verbs but not nouns (thinking but not something)? And what about verbs like “bring” and “sting“? Why think about when to use the NG-sound or substitute an N? Just say the proper NG-sound everywhere.

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