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In the second Star Wars movie (Episode V actually) there’s a scene where Darth Vader explains to Lando Calrissian that he’s altered the original deal and he should pray he doesn’t alter it any further…

Kinda how it felt when Senator Steve Oroho came into our NJ 101.5 studio and explained that the people of New Jersey should understand that in order to create lower taxes overall they would have to accept higher taxes on gas. Hmm.  I was skeptical of course but heard him out.  Turns out at the time of the interview last week, the increase in the per gallon gas tax on NJ commuters would be $0.23.  After some digging and analysis of the actual plan two things happened between last week’s interview and today.  First the gas tax increase may be as high as $0.375 per gallon AND the income tax deduction that would’ve helped offset the higher cost of working families disappeared.

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