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The Daily Point – A WORLD OF HEROES

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We’ve had a week of tragedy and heroism. Millions still recovering in Puerto Rico as donations pour in and local first responders head to the area. A massacre in Las Vegas where a gunman killed 58 innocent concert goers and injured more than 500. While politicians debate policy the stories of individual heroism emerge. From a local man saving people by helping them over the barricade to the man who got his pregnant future wife out of harm’s way. Then there’s the wounded man in a Vegas hospital who insisted on standing to greet the First Lady and the President. Americans stand and act in the face of evil and disasters. This week showed our resilience, strength and unity as a nation.


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First it was, “he went to Texas too early,” then Puerto Rico too late. Then it was the Jones Act. Look… it’s time to stop it already!¬† The President has performed incredibly in the past few weeks. Three natural disasters, huge immediate response. Ships, planes, food, water, medical supplies, shelters; all sent to the impacted areas within days of devastation. The challenge in Puerto Rico is that the infrastructure was wiped out by the hurricane. Roads impassable, no power, no fresh water. Trump’s detractors want to discuss tweets instead of stepping up to help. How exactly did a visit from Governor Cuomo help the Island recover? Photo-ops are for politicians. Trump is a leader. There’s a difference. The Governor of Puerto Rico knows.

The Daily Point – MARIA RECOVERY

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As the Caribbean recovers, the Federal Government’s response has been swift, intense and productive. 4,000 members of the Army National Guard have been deployed along with 2,600 personnel from the Department of Defense spread across the Caribbean. Hundreds of emergency airlifts, tens of thousands of pounds of food and hundreds of thousands of liters of water, generators and medical supplies. Unfortunately, instead of praising the incredible job of the DoD, FEMA and other arms of the U.S Government for a rapid and effective response, the President’s detractors would rather play politics and attack his words and tweets. Do people simply not remember the disaster that FEMA was in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina? Isn’t it perfectly clear that when you hire a strong, organized, experienced leader, things get done?