NYC Mayoral Election


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In about four weeks, voters will elect a mayor in New York City and a governor in New Jersey. With all the challenges facing local residents from transportation to taxes it’s incredible that the candidates leading in the polls do nothing except talk about President Donald Trump and national issues.  It’s time to hold politicians accountable before they win office.  Let’s hear real plans about public transportation fixes in the NYC and in Jersey.  And what about the fact that NJ has become unaffordable to average working and middle class families?  It’s time we hear real plans to fix what’s broken instead of partisan talking points that serve no one except the candidates ambition.

The Daily Point – ELECTION AHEAD!!!

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There are two major elections coming up in our area in a few weeks. One for mayor in NYC and another for governor in New Jersey. But does anyone care? Are people even paying attention? There are plenty of people acting out through protests and social media rants, but how many of those angry people will vote? The most important tool we have as Americans is the right to vote. Put the signs down and use it.