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Trump-HillaryTuesday, June 7th. Yup, Primary Election Day in a handful of states.  Does it matter?  The election is irrelevant because we’re well on the way to be a close General Election match up between Hillary and Trump?  Well, not so fast.  Tomorrow’s election actually may have a significant impact on the next couple months leading up to the Democratic and Republican conventions and into November.

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CHASING NEWS – “Lawman Defends Muslims”

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On Friday’s Chasing News, we sat down with U.S. Attorney Paul Fishman, the top federal prosecutor for New Jersey, to discuss his office’s efforts to combat religious discrimination.

Fishman held a forum last week, the first of several planned by the Justice Department throughout the United States. It brought together Fishman’s office, which handles all federal criminal and civil prosecutions in New Jersey, along with representatives from Jewish, Muslim, Asian and Indian-American communities and the White House. They discussed fighting, bullying and harassment, specifically in schools. Also, Fishman announced the creation of a unit in his office dedicated to looking into potential civil rights violations.