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CHASING NEWS: Dealing With Heroin

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On last night’s Chasing News, Diana Blass presented a story about Daniel Regan and his mom Lynn, how they are dealing with heroin’s devastating effect on their lives and the incredible way that they are turning it all around to help others.

The Heroin Epidemic

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We all know that the heroin epidemic is getting worse not better.  Thousands of young people and families are destroyed by this devastating addiction.  More than 700 people die from an overdose each year in New Jersey.

Heroin-Related Deaths in New Jersey 2004 to 2014

Earlier today I met with a young man who has first hand experience with the drug and the impact it has on people and their loved ones.  His name is Daniel Regan and he’s 25 years old and sober for the past five years.  His life was saved after six failed attempts in rehab when his mother Lynn chased him to California and found him in an abandoned hotel, homeless and hooked. Read the rest of this entry »