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Repeal and Replace…Governor Christie

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Friday January 20th marks the inauguration of the 45th President of the United States.  President Donald Trump took the oath of office at noon and a new era of politics began.  As Piers Morgan put it in a tweet…

So the Trump era begins.  We’ll have to see how the new President’s policies impact the economy and security in our region.  I’m confident that his plan and leadership ability will be enough to succeed and earn him a second term.  More on the President in later blogs…for now, the race to Drumthwacket begins in earnest.

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Wiz or Wiz-out?

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The Daily Point Headers

So Assemblyman John Wisniewski is at it again.

This time he wants to broaden the definition of ‘”Distracted Driving” to include new technology and behavior that may not be identifiable today “to avoid the need for new legislation every time technology changes.”..he’s been accused of having a bill to ban drinking coffee in the car but was quick to clarify that late yesterday.

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