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Lá breithe shona duit!

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Jerry Burke, “Chasing News” Executive Producer

It only comes once a year but when it’s here you gotta celebrate.  Our executive producer Jerry Burke has a birthday today.  Thought I’d spend a minute sharing a bit about the guy who has served as a mentor, friend and leader for the past few years as I made a dramatic transition out of a stable, successful corporate career into the chaos of media.  

Jerry is a friend, a mentor and what we refer to in the TV business as my ‘Rabbi’.  Arguably one of the smartest, most creative and most clever talents I’ve ever had as a boss.  Jerry is the Executive Producer for our nightly news show, Chasing News.  He’s been in the TV business for a long time serving as as producer on Inside Edition, A Current Affair and as the daytime head for Fox New Channel.  He’s worked directly with TV legends like Roger Ailes and has a wealth of experience and talent that he’s eager to share with up and coming talent in the business.  It was Jerry who took the risk hiring a politician/real estate executive to host a new show on Fox TV that would be disruptive enough to change the way news is delivered into viewers homes.

You don’t often remember the first words a person says to you when you meet for the first time.  I saw Jerry across the room making a bee-line for me as I entered the ramshackle, sort of studio at the Dow Jones building in Princeton.  I planned to head into my day job late that day so I could stop by and interview with a reporter for a new show that probably would never air.  

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