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On Friday’s Chasing News, Jessica Nutt recapped my visit from actor/comedian JB Smoove at NJ101.5.  Take a look:

Serious With A Side Of Laughter

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The Daily Point Headers

170-1113tm-vector2-1057It’s Memorial Day weekend.  Time to take advantage of a three day weekend and enjoy family, friends and hopefully take a moment to acknowledge those who gave the ultimate sacrifice for our nation.  I thought I’d take the space today to talk about the holiday, it’s real meaning and the way you can honor the fallen.  You already know I served for eight years in the U.S. Marine Corps Reserves, but my sacrifice was minimal.  I never had to endure the rigors, stress and violence of combat.  Although many of the men I served with did.  For you guys, Ellicott, Trimmer, Maziarz, Harper, Berezny and the many others who stayed in long after I was honorably discharged, enjoy the long weekend.  Your commitment to our nation is exemplary and your patriotism unmatched.  Semper Fi Marines.

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