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The Daily Point – QUICK TO BLAME

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As we continue to wrap our heads around the horrific massacre perpetrated on innocent concert goers in Las Vegas, some opportunists wasted no time to use the tragedy for their own political agenda.  Lead by former Secretary of State and failed Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton, some local pols took to twitter to assign blame only hours after the gunfire stopped.


Early Monday morning as the death toll was still listed at 20, Jay Lassiter tweeted about America’s “Gun fetish”

Then Senator Ray Lesniak got into the mix, saying that perhaps the killings would have been prevented if only Nevada had New Jersey style gun laws.

It’s the height of arrogance in the face of an absolute tragedy to position for your own political agenda.  It’s utter ignorance to suggest that this event was simply avoidable for want of one new law banning a certain type of weapon.  I guess all three took the advice of former White House Chief of Staff and current Mayor of Chicago Rahm Emanuel who famously said, “you never want a serious crisis to go to waste”. 

 As far as the debate following the Las Vegas massacre.  Does anyone actually believe that one law, one ban or a complete eradication of the Second Amendment will make you safer?  Either way, the debate will ensure, but can we at least give time for grieving families to bury their loved ones?  It’s about respect and real solutions.  As far as preventing the next one, there are a lot of questions, and no one has all the answers.  For now, please tune out the ignorant statements coming from some of our Democratic friends in Trenton and the person that clearly still can’t believe she’s become politically irrelevant.

CHASING NEWS: But Judge It’s A Toy Gun!

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On last night’s Chasing News, we were joined by actor/comedian Carlo Bellario to discuss the latest in his ongoing legal troubles.

Bellario said the situation had been very hard for him, and he was at a loss for what to do. He recalled the story of his arrest. Carlo showed up at an independent film set in Woodbridge to shoot a scene in which he played a gunman. Carlo says he was handed a gun that he says was described by production staff as a prop gun. Middlesex County Prosecutors say that the gun was in fact a real and operational pellet gun, illegal by New Jersey State law. When residents witnessed the filming, they called police, and Carlo was arrested. It’s unknown whether the film producer had secured the permits to shoot.

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This Is No Nightmare…It’s Jersey

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Yesterday was a big day for Carlo Bellario.  He’s a New Jersey actor/comedian who’s facing the possibility of a ten-year prison sentence for running afoul of Jersey’s gun laws.  Of course, the charges involve a toy.  Specifically, an airsoft gun that can be bought in just about any sporting goods store in Jersey.  The law that has gotten Carlo in trouble is the Graves Act.  It goes back to 1981 and was intended to set mandatory minimum sentences for crimes committed with a firearm.  Later, the law was amended to include gang activity and today the interpretation from prosecutors includes the act of simple possession.

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