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Vice President Mike Pence left the Colts game this weekend after several members of the 49ers took a knee for the Anthem.  Some thought it was a publicity stunt.  The fact remains that VP Pence is a thoughtful, patriotic leader who has been consistent throughout the take-a-knee controversy.  He’s also a die-hard Colts fan.  He’s got a history of going to the games back when he was Governor of Indiana.  Not everything is for ‘optics’.  Sometimes you just react to bad behavior and stand up for what’s right.

And while I have you here, let me take a moment to address the growing, and somewhat annoying, controversy that surrounds Columbus Day.  There are too many people out there who are jumping to all sorts of conclusions, throwing around terms like “genocide” without all of the facts.  So if you’re brave enough to hear a little truth, check out my article here and let me help you understand who Christopher Columbus really was.

The Daily Point – NFL DISGRACE

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A couple hundred NFL players protested the National Anthem on Sunday by sitting, kneeling or staying behind in the locker room. Whatever your take, the battle lines are drawn between President Trump, NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell and players across the league. It’s time to call out what the entitled, spoiled, rich brats in the NFL who are simply not victims. The real problems impacting minority communities are a lack of economic and educational opportunities in our cities. One solution is the need for a stronger law enforcement presence to protect these communities from gangs and criminals.

The Daily Point – YOUTH FOOTBALL

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There’s a lot of discussion about the dangers of tackle football, especially when it comes to head injuries. As much as the NFL seems to have downplayed the risks as it may hurt their recruiting efforts, I strongly support youth tackle. Leadership, toughness, courage and teamwork can all be learned at a young age by kids taking a step onto the gridiron. My wife and I have encouraged our son to play and play it right.

Stand Up for the Redskins

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The Daily Point Headers

It’s been several years since I had ‘words’ with a fellow coach in my son’s football league over the use of the name ‘Redskins’.  I’ve always contended that the people supposedly being protected from the use of what some call “offensive, racist, bigoted” actually have no issue with the name at all.  At first I referenced the report about the Navajo “Talkers” coming out in favor of the name.  Then today I saw the poll reported in the Washington Post showing that 9 in 10 Native Americans have no issue with the name.  Right, 9 in 10.  

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