CHASING NEWS: Driving While Black In Bloomfield

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Last night on Chasing News, Rohan Mohanty covered the idea of racial profiling of non-Caucasian drivers resulting in questioning or traffic stops of an individual just based on their skin color.

Is it being practiced in New Jersey?

Seton Hall Law professor Mark Denbeaux enlisted students for research to try to find out if the town of Bloomfield NJ is engaging in these practices.

Watch to see the results of the study and the unhappy responses from Bloomfield Police and mayor.

Sometimes A Ticket Is Just A Ticket

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The Daily Point Headers

The idea that a town is profiling drivers for tickets based on race has been raised many times in the post-Ferguson media world anytime a group or politician needs a headline to show how racially sensitive they are compared to the rest of us.  The latest foray into race-baiting false narratives comes from the New Jersey town of Bloomfield where a bunch of college kids at the behest of their college professor sat in traffic court and passed judgement on a police force for writing a disproportionate number of tickets to minority drivers.  Not disproportionate to the number of traffic violations, not disproportionate to the high traffic areas where the tickets were issued, disproportionate to the racial makeup of the town itself.  Gimme a break.  Since when do traffic stops have to reflect racial diversity?  I thought traffic stops had to do with people breaking traffic laws?  

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