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Run Toward The Cops

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Bill Spadea Is The Ringleader Of 'Chasing News' On My9NJ, FOX5 NY, and FOX29 Philly

Someone asked me this week to describe what I do on TV and radio.  Simple, I replied, Remember how your mom told you to never discuss politics, religion and race in polite company?  On a daily basis I like to cover all three, typically all at once.  

Earlier this month in a case of mistaken identity a fifth grader in Newark was chased by police with guns drawn.  The cops had been chasing an armed robber who eluded them leading them to chase and confront the young man.  It sparked an emotional social media post with a crying kid and mom.  Initially it sounds like a terrible incident begging the question how could the cops be so aggressive and wrong to mistake a ten year old as the robbery suspect? When you look a little deeper into the issue you uncover that the kid is large for his age and after the police lost sight of the suspect they encountered the ten year old who was running away from them.  According to the boy and his family, he was playing basketball when his ball went into the street and when he saw the officers running he assumed it was for him for playing in the street and he ran.

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