Month: September 2017


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First it was, “he went to Texas too early,” then Puerto Rico too late. Then it was the Jones Act. Look… it’s time to stop it already!¬† The President has performed incredibly in the past few weeks. Three natural disasters, huge immediate response. Ships, planes, food, water, medical supplies, shelters; all sent to the impacted areas within days of devastation. The challenge in Puerto Rico is that the infrastructure was wiped out by the hurricane. Roads impassable, no power, no fresh water. Trump’s detractors want to discuss tweets instead of stepping up to help. How exactly did a visit from Governor Cuomo help the Island recover? Photo-ops are for politicians. Trump is a leader. There’s a difference. The Governor of Puerto Rico knows.

The Daily Point – GIVE TRUMP A CHANCE!

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Despite what any casual observer should be able to see as major successes, President Trump’s detractors are so upset and still in disbelief that the first woman President of the United States won’t be Hillary Clinton, they vilify his every utterance and every decision.

The President campaigned on creating jobs at home, curbing illegal immigration, strengthening the economy and making government work for people better than it ever has. On pretty much every front, except for the failure so far to repeal Obamacare (See:Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell) the President is on track.

The Daily Point – MARIA RECOVERY

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As the Caribbean recovers, the Federal Government’s response has been swift, intense and productive. 4,000 members of the Army National Guard have been deployed along with 2,600 personnel from the Department of Defense spread across the Caribbean. Hundreds of emergency airlifts, tens of thousands of pounds of food and hundreds of thousands of liters of water, generators and medical supplies. Unfortunately, instead of praising the incredible job of the DoD, FEMA and other arms of the U.S Government for a rapid and effective response, the President’s detractors would rather play politics and attack his words and tweets. Do people simply not remember the disaster that FEMA was in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina? Isn’t it perfectly clear that when you hire a strong, organized, experienced leader, things get done?

The Daily Point – NFL DISGRACE

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A couple hundred NFL players protested the National Anthem on Sunday by sitting, kneeling or staying behind in the locker room. Whatever your take, the battle lines are drawn between President Trump, NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell and players across the league. It’s time to call out what the entitled, spoiled, rich brats in the NFL who are simply not victims. The real problems impacting minority communities are a lack of economic and educational opportunities in our cities. One solution is the need for a stronger law enforcement presence to protect these communities from gangs and criminals.

The Daily Point – YOUTH FOOTBALL

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There’s a lot of discussion about the dangers of tackle football, especially when it comes to head injuries. As much as the NFL seems to have downplayed the risks as it may hurt their recruiting efforts, I strongly support youth tackle. Leadership, toughness, courage and teamwork can all be learned at a young age by kids taking a step onto the gridiron. My wife and I have encouraged our son to play and play it right.