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2016-blue-fridayToday’s #BlueFriday segment honoring local law enforcement was special and slightly different.  We honored a local hero, recognized the struggle that some departments are having recruiting new cops given the media climate promoting an anti-cop sentiment.

Pat Colligan is the President of the NJ Policeman’s Benevolent Association and he joined me in studio at NJ 101.5 this morning to discuss the struggle some departments are having recruiting new members. He thanked us for having the courage and consistency to stand with Law Enforcement spreading the positive message of the heroic things that cops do every day to keep our communities safe.

We were also proud to honor Jersey City police officer Adrian Murrell for stepping up to organize a super hero parade as a way of granting a wish of a 9 year old boy dying of cancer. This officer was working at the school when she learned that the little boy diagnosed in 2014 was terminal and was no longer able to attend school.  She rallied her fellow officers and created a parade complete with superheroes and a batmobile helping grant this little boys dying wish.  Our thoughts and prayers are with Parth Patel and his family as the hope for the best and prepare for the worst.

Chris Swendeman/NJ1015
Chris Swendeman/NJ1015

I also want to give a quick mention and thank you to a group of middle schoolers in Princeton including my son Michael and his friends Jacob, Freddy, Anthony and Daniel who decided to honor local cops by wearing Blue during the school’s Unity Day…although the kids were supposed to wear orange…  They got noticed by the guest speaker who was a holocaust survivor who stopped for a pic with the boys.




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