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You never know what’s gonna happen in the course of the morning show.  

Today while discussing the impact of Wednesday night’s debate and the candidate exchanges I got into a twitter ‘battle’ with Alec Baldwin.  

Someone tweeted about a plan for a celebrity exit list if Trump wins the presidency and I responded mentioned that issue surrounding Alec Baldwin possible leaving the country if George W. Bush was elected.  

Baldwin took issue with my tweet and tweeted at me saying that I was a “right wing horses ass”.  

He then doubled down and called me a “Crypto-fascist”!

It was at this point that my wife sent me a text asking me to “Stop fighting with Alec Baldwin.”

His last tweet was offering me a membership in the “Flat Earth Society”…

which I of course re-tweeted and invited him to come on the show.

I did ask the question on air as to whether he was going to cover the first year of dues.  He blocked me.

So much for civil discourse right? I hear it’s not really that difficult to get him going but wow, in the words of Ron Burgundy, #ThatEscalatedQuickly.

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