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OK, done. I went head-to-head with the world champion of competitive eating, Joey Chestnut. Well sort of. I did participate in a contest with him and nine other competitive eaters. I didn’t puke. And I won the bet. That’s right, our friends at the Yankees AA club, Trenton Thunder challenged me to eat at least six pork roll sandwiches at their second annual pork roll eating competition. Six? I can do six. Of course most of my radio colleagues bet the under thinking that there is no way I’d be able to consume nearly two pounds. They did have good reason to make what was arguably the “safe bet”. My Chasing News colleague Jessica Nutt presented the full story today for “Chasing News” starting off with “working weekends can be fun…” Lemme explain what she meant…

Our weekend started with a “Pork Roll Pep Rally” sponsored by the Thunder at Killarney’s pub in Hamilton.

What was amazing is even with the contest coming up the following day and a serious challenger in the making, Joey Chestnut found room to have some beer. So did I but then again, I only had to eat more than six. His career is on the line as a world champion!

Saturday morning began with Jessica and I judging a BBQ contest between the Lawrence Township and Trenton Police Departments. Each department began the low and slow process of cooking pulled pork a day earlier. The end result was some of the most succulent and delicious pork I’ve ever had. And I eat a lotta pork. Problem was that Jessica and I ate two entire plates in order to render a decision on the winner. Out of seven judges, Trenton won 4-3. She was stuffed after the second plate. I was still a little hungry. Not the best way to head into a competitive eating contest however.

We arrived at the stadium about an hour before the main event. I caught up with Joey and the other competitors including his number one challenger, Jersey guy Carmen Cincotti

Earlier, Joey had given me tips on how best to compete, seperate the meat and the bread, dunk the bread in water, squeeze out the water and eat. I was ready. Then the pork roll sandwiches arrived. It was clear that there was more than one slice of meat in each sandwich. Ugh, now I was getting nervous. Spent a little time with the Mayor of Trenton and a guy in a pork roll costume.

At the moment the event started and I heard 3-2-1…I had forgotten all the tips and was just looking at an intimidating amount of pork roll and bread on plates in front of me.

The first three went down without a hitch, a little slower on the fourth, but I still had six of the ten minutes of time left! Number five almost stopped me dead in my tracks. I made the nearly fatal error of looking to my left to see the other competitors. Suffice to say, what I saw cannot be unseen. I struggled through number six to hit the challenge and in the final 45 seconds actually downed half of sandwich number seven. In Competitive eating apparently portions of sandwiches count. I’ll take it…although I will be off porkroll for a while.

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