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funky-law-icon_Myqne6U__LA grand jury in New Jersey did the right thing  by finding that a young woman who killed her former fiance was justified.  The story itself is twisted involving him driving to NJ from Navy flight school in Florida, tying her up and asking her to shoot him.

It reminded me of the story about Carol Bowne who was brutally murdered by her ex boyfriend last year.  She was concerned about her safety enough to get a restraining order and apply for a permit to purchase a firearm.  As you know, NJ has some of the strictest gun regulations in the nation and the process takes more time than Carol had left.  Before receiving her permit to protect herself she was confronted at home by her violent ex who proceeded to stab her to death

This week Governor Christie smartly vetoed new legislation from the Democrats in Trenton that would have potentially made the process of gun ownership and applying for a carry permit even more difficult that it already is for legal applicants.  Immediately the forces on either side gear up for battle.  Gun advocates flooded my morning show with calls discussing the Second Amendment, tyranny and the right to self defense.  Gun control defenders spoke to the media about “right wing talking points” (and that was a legislator in north Jersey)

Judicial GunMy take is that it’s not about big philosophical arguing points, although I do have my pocket constitution handy…this is about practical solutions to empower young women to be able to defend themselves.  Period.  I’ve talked extensively over the years on TV and radio about the lower crime rates in states allowing the Right to Carry and the fact that rapes and murders declined precipitously in Florida following the implementation of the Right to Carry.  If we’re not gonna have that in NJ anytime soon, at the very least we should see a move in the legislature to expedite the process of allowing people who have been victims of domestic violence and facing further threats to their safety.  We had a caller the other day who was a middle aged man who had been the victim of domestic violence and had multiple threats continuing against his life.  Still a NJ judge denied him a right to carry.  We’re not stopping criminal from obtaining firearms by denying legal gun owners the right to protect themselves.

Both sides devolve into talking points and nothing gets done.  Let’s face it, most crimes are gang related and most of the gun crimes are committed with illegally obtained firearms.  We should take a page from the nearly 40 states that allow citizens the right to carry their legal firearm.  I understand that in NJ we have to walk before we run, so can we start by expediting the purchase permits of people who have a restraining order against an abuser?

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