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Quite a morning on the air today.  My day got jumpstarted by an article about State Senator Steve Oroho who has already conceded that the gas tax will be raised  and wants to offset the tax with an income tax deduction.  Wow.  What a shell game being played by the NJ Legislature.  More specifically the Republicans.  I’ll get to them in a minute.

First, let’s address the majority party. The Democrats are at least honest about wanting to raise your taxes.  We’ve all seen the video replayed ad nauseum of the bridge collapse in Minnesota.  Although nothing like that has happened since, we’re supposed to live in fear that the road we’re driving on is under imminent threat of collapse.  The choice from the Democrats in Trenton is essentially, pay more through new taxes, or potentially DIE.  It’s absurd and they know it.  But instead of trying to fix a broken pension system, reforming public employee health care or reducing the size and scope of New Jersey government, they’d rather have you just pay more.

You’d think that in a state where you’ve got more than a million Republican voters, enough legislators to still have representation in the State House, and a Republican Governor there’d be some push back against new taxes.  Thankfully  there’s one legislator, Senator Jennifer Beck who has made the point that we need to stand firm against a hike in the gas tax, but as for the rest of them…nothing. I should say that Senator Mike Doherty has been strong against the tax too, and hopefully we’ll see him sign onto Beck’s plan soon.  One democrat Jeff Van Drew has also publicly expressed concern over the gas tax, so we’ll see on that front too.  But the most egregious political thing to happen is a GOP Senator not only conceding the tax hike but seemingly eagerly accepting it and trying to convince you that it will be less painful if you get a break on taxes.  outrageous and unacceptable Senator Oroho.  At least he has the courage to come on my show to discuss it, we’ll see him on the 14th.

I spoke to a group of elected officials last night in Somerset County and made the case that the opposition to the majority party simply doesn’t exist in the public forum.  You can take the new gas tax to the bank and be assured that very little if any new revenue will actually be spent on infrastructure.  Instead the money will be spent in the seemingly endless black hole of underfunded pensions and over borrowing that have plagued the Garden state for the past few decades.  

On the bright side, there is a leader emerging that seems to have the courage, fortitude and common sense to stand against the tidal wave of regulations and taxes that crush entrepreneurs and homeowners forcing some many to close and move out.  Her name is Kim Guadagno.  She’s currently serving as the state’s first Lieutenant Governor.  If Donald Trump becomes the next President and Governor Christie heads to Washington to assume his formal role as the transition director, she’ll be our next Governor.

She’s agreed to join me every other Thursday on my morning drive radio show to talk issues with voters in Jersey, specifically giving them hope and reason to join us as we “Dig In” .  I’m staying in Jersey to fight for the state I grew up in and chose with my wife to raise our family.  Corrupt, ignorant politicians won’t drive us away.  But the fight is on and we’re underdogs for sure.

Although Kim did take some issue with my attacking the GOP as “inept and irrelevant” she repeated her call to find another way to fund the government instead of creating a new tax burden for the middle and working class.  More to come on this for sire.  We’ve got examples of states where the system was turned on it’s head and great things resulted…even in formerly solid blue states like Wisconsin.  There is hope for New Jersey for sure, stand with me as we bring a new level to the discussion.  Don’t let Republican’s sell you on compromise with the Democrats before they even get to the bargaining table.  Even fiscal stalwarts like Declan O’Scanlon seemed to accept that there will be a constitutional requirement on pension payments.  At least Declan is courageous enough (and smart enough) to propose real changes to the public health care offerings.  We’ll be talking with him more as things develop.

Bottom line is that we have a top executive in the state willing to stand up and fight.  Kim is certainly ‘Diggin In’ and has a lotta reasons why you should too.  #DigginInWithKim.

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