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Had a great guest on the radio this morning, Jay Pharoah.

A couple takeaways, first, he’s hilarious. Second, I grew up calling the candy spread on ice cream, Jimmies.  Some call it sprinkles.  Now, so do I.  Listen to Jay’s take on the name and you’ll see why. 

For a guy who’s relatively well known and a fast rising star in the world of TV and comedy, he was down to earth, personable and had no problem hangin’ out with us for an hour on the radio, recording a promo for my show [JESSICA VIDEO] and staying for the podcast.  His increasing fame has clearly not gone to his head.  Really refreshing to meet a guy who’s making it and is still eager to make friends and do the work that needs to be done.  His appearance on my show was to promote his shows this weekend at the Stress Factory in New Brunswick

The whole conversation started because of a tweet from Jessica Nutt asking people what name they prefer… 

Jay also hung around for the #Bashcast which made Ashley Hall’s day…of course most of the conversation was about Drake  , and the first ever “Free Style” specifically for the podcast.

It was a great way to spend a Friday morning.  Check out Jay Pharoah on Saturday Night Live and make sure you listen to the full interview this am on www.nj1015.com get the #Bashcast and check out Jessica’s story tonight on Chasing News.

Have a great weekend…back on Monday!

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