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IMG_1029No I haven’t bought a grill yet.  But I looked at this as an opportunity to go beyond the traditional BBQ methods over the long weekend!  Not having a grill made me seek alternatives for the Memorial Day meal…and I think we had a winner.  Pulled pork & rabe sandwiches, deviled eggs, sweet & spicy beans and ribs.  

Lemme start with the pork.  The first step is to get a pork shoulder also called a Boston Butt and brine it for at least 24 hours.  Fill a container that you can close with a mixture of water,, equal parts sugar and salt and a few other ingredients that you will be cooking with later.  I use fresh parsley, red pepper flakes and garlic cloves.

IMG_1019The inspiration for the pork comes from my ritual stop before getting to Citizens Bank Park for a ball game, Tony Luke’s on Oregon Ave. in South Philly.  They make a roast pork and rabe sandwich that beats most Philly sandwiches.  So I don’t get to as many Phillies games  as I’d like to these days, but I especially missed the pre-game  sandwich. I thought…what if I made it at home and pulled the pork instead?  

So out of the brine and into the oven, covered in a dutch oven.  The pork is rubbed with olive oil, salt, pepper, garlic powder, chopped fresh parsley, chopped garlic cloves and of course some cayenne.  Then cover & slow roast at 225 degrees for 7-10 hours.  You know it’s done when the bone pulls out without resistance with tongs.

Split the bread, day old portuguese rolls are perfect and cover each side with provolone cheese.  Into the broiler to melt the cheese then add pork to one side, rabe to the other and you’ve got the perfect sandwich.  The broccoli rabe is easy, blanche it for a a couple minutes in boiling water (making sure to generously salt the boiling water first) until it’s bright green, usually 3-5 minutes.  Then saute in olive oil, red pepper flakes, garlic cloves and salt & cracked pepper.

You’ll see the recipe for the deviled eggs and the beans in the video on my facebook page.  As far as the ribs, it’s simpler than you might think.  A rack of pork ribs from any grocery store will do.  A little bit of olive oil rubbed on the rack, then run with a mixture of brown sugar, garlic powder, salt, pepper and cayenne.  I’ve never measured it but be careful with the cayenne, it’s hotter than you think.  More sugar than any of the other ingredients. Then slow roast in the oven, uncovered for 3-4 hours at 225.  The last step will be to put them under the broiler for a minute or two to get a crispy top side.  Before the broiler you might even brush with your favorite BBQ sauce.

Hope you enjoy.  Tweet me @BillSpadea with pics!

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