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Yesterday the Governor of New Jersey appeared, as he does once a month, on New Jersey 101.5 FM “Ask The Governor”. Governor Christie covered everything from taxes to Atlantic City and took calls from listeners.  Thought I’d write about a funny sidebar conversation that the Governor got into after asking Eric how my ratings were doing on the morning show.

He’s apparently a fan of the show and if I heard him correctly referred to my performance as “Hot Stuff”.  He also joked about spilling the beans on my exclusive interview this morning and made it clear that he and Eric Scott are more interesting, in fact may be the two most interesting people in New Jersey!

On a serious note, It’s always great to get strong feedback and know that someone is watching and listening enough to have an opinion.  This is a very different business than my previous careers in politics and real estate.  In those roles the feedback was in the form of end of year bonuses (or lack thereof) and election results…for me, well, suffice to say I didn’t have a political office to resign from to change careers!  In media, the feedback is immediate and not always positive.  Yes it’s true I re-tweet negative comments, and I get more than a few…actually enough to mention.

The good news is that after nearly nine months on the job as the morning drive host the ratings are way up over last year and going in the right direction. And now nearly three years in, Chasing News has surpassed 750 episodes and the show is doing great. Our social media presence is growing and we’re getting the attention of the key political and business players.

It’s great to hear the positive feedback from national political players like Governor Christie on the job we’re doing.  He is true to his image, regular guy, speaks his mind, isn’t afraid to be self deprecating, and is more than willing to throw out a compliment or two when the mood hits him.  So you may not agree with Governor Christie on many things, but there’s common ground to be found here!  Go ahead, check out Chasing News on Fox Television and listen to me on NJ 101.5 FM from 6-10am weekdays.

For those of you that are already watching every night and tuning in every morning, thanks.  If you’re just tuning in, join the conversation and let me know if you agree with Governor Christie.


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