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FloridaExteriorLBP_8913Yes, if you’ve been listening to me for the past few months you know that one of my favorite convenience stores is Wawa.  Finding out that they are adding locations in New Jersey was welcome news for sure.  One of my favorite items at Wawa is the soft pretzels:

Yup. #itswhatsforbreakfast another thing I love about Jersey. There’s always an open @wawa #digginin

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Unlike other versions of the “Philly” soft pretzels, Wawa’s version are almost cake like inside with a firmness on the outside combining for and excellent dining selection.  The combination of the salty exterior and the robust interior makes it both a stand alone snack…or something that can be repurposed into a roll for a “Hoagie” (hey I’m from south Jersey and don’t know what grinders, subs or heroes are.).  They can also be the basis for a delicious pizza that can be made quickly and may be slightly better than the specialty pretzels. 

So check out the map with the new locations, buy some pretzels and follow me on Facebook and Instagram, only a matter of time before I repurpose the pretzels.

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