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twitter-bird-blue-on-whiteC’mon.  As you know, I use @Twitter for everything.  It’s my news feed, my main source of daily expression and communication tool with listeners, viewers and friends.  One of the main reason it works is because if you haven’t noticed, I like to talk.  Every morning I go for four hours on the radio and then spend a couple hours taping Chasing News, again, more talking.  The editors at Chasing News have a daily battle trying to fit my intro’s for segments into the show and my commentary on certain stories, because, well, I and sometimes long -winded.  I like to think it’s because I’m well researched and thorough.  Toe-may-toe…toe-mah-toe…

On twitter, none of this is possible.  Because thoughts are limited to 140 characters, I’m forced to be concise and clear in a very short statement.  I need boundaries.  If the radio show didn’t end at 10am, I’d still be talking.  Again, boundaries.  

Twitter’s plan is to allow for pictures and @handles to be included without counting against the 140 character limit.  They already hurt the brand (for me anyway) by allowing for direct messages to go beyond the 140 characters and as someone who gets these all day, I can tell you it’s not helpful.  I knew when they changed the limits on DM’s it was a slippery slope. Now pics and handles don’t count. Theoretically that means a person can tweet and list dozens of handles forcing me to potentially have to scroll to read the message of the tweet.  Are you kidding?!?

Twitter is not Facebook.  It’s brief, interactive and paced to keep up with the environment of today’s news collection and delivery.  It’s my main social media site.  Facebook allows for people to write books…too long and SnapChat is way too short.  But Twitter is just right. Until it’s not.

C’mon Twitter, if it’s not broken, don’t fix it.  Now if only I can figure out how to get this blog post into a 140 character tweet.


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