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Hope you had a great weekend that helped you prepare for the week ahead.  In our reality show and live stream obsessed culture, I’ve been pulled completely in and in addition to work, I now find myself live-streaming certain events over the weekend.  Although I thought about live streaming our family paintball outing…between the mud, rain and people sending paint downrange, I thought that may not work out well for me or my phone.  If you haven’t tried paintball, do it.  It’s fun, engaging and a great way to spend a few hours on a weekend.  But don’t let them tell you it doesn’t hurt, cuz it most certainly does.  The pro tip is to wear gloves..even if it’s hot.

When your son ‘brings it’ to #familypaintball… #youngmansgame #JodisSon

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Onto the live stream…thought it should be about food.  We had roast beef (from the share of a cow we get every fall) on Thursday and still had leftovers in the fridge on Sunday morning.  So I repurposed the roast beef into a cheesesteak breakfast.  Of course, there’s really nothing ‘breakfast’ about it except the time of day.

Here’s the video from my facebook live stream: 


The noise in the background is the hood exhaust.  Oh and sorry about the abrupt movement of the camera in the beginning.

All you need to do is cut up the already cooked roast beef and in a non stick frying pan heat olive oil and throw in the beef, chopped pepperoni and onions.  I used shallots becasuse that’s what we had in the pantry.  Season it with salt, pepper, cayenne and urfa if you have it.

Once you get a little crispy edge on some of the beef mix in the cheese.  Again, I love leftovers and we had some brie from an h’orderve plate we served that weekend, so chop it up, rind and all, and in the mix.  I also added some shredded mozzarella.  Wow.  Toasted the rolls slightly, added a little ketchup, Sriracha and mayo (I only use Hellmans) and there ya go. #CheeseSteakBreakfast

Do try this at home.


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