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Behind The Scenes Matters…today marks 750 episodes.

Today at Chasing News was dedicated to appreciate our “Preditor” team.  The guys that edit and produce segments making our show a fast-paced, exciting, balanced and entertaining success.  Media personalities who appear on TV and radio always have a strong team of people working hard, usually long hours after the host has left for the day to ensure the best possible product makes the air.  At Chasing News, our staff of producer/editors is certainly no exception. John Flanagan, Chris Gurtlinger, Matthew Lauyer, Diana Acosta, Michael Coleman, Sergio Cruel, Ricky Lorenzo, Nicole Peraino and our newest team member Tyler Larm all combine for one of the best production teams in television.  These guys work at lightning speed, making sense of all the scripts, video and conversation in the room creating a segment that is ready for prime time.

In addition to the hard working preditor crew there’s the production leadership team with senior producer Jason M. Rosenberg and post production supervisor Paul Porowski.  The show simply doesn’t get on the air without them sweating it out until the final edit, watch down and feed.  

In my radio world, I’m fortunate to work in front of an outstanding team at New Jersey 101.5 FM.  Brian Gregory who “runs the board”, makes sure everything is timed and smoothly operating every morning.  I’ll I have to do is talk. My new producer Chris Swendeman (who’s actually been behind the scenes since we started)  is one of the hardest working people I’ve met in media.  He’s got the dedication, intelligence and commitment to help move the show and the station beyond expectations. He followed my previous producers, Priscilla Wright  and Kira Buxton whose hard work really made the difference as I transitioned in and we rolled out and developed a new style and pace for morning drive.  The ratings are certainly matching the enthusiasm I see everyday from the team in the studio every morning.

Today is our 750th episode of Chasing News.  Three years ago we embarked on a journey with one of the most talented and creative minds in television, Jerry Burke and we can now look back on three years of great success. And none if it would have been possible without the team behind the scenes

Whether you’re on the air, managing a corporate team or running an independent business, take a minute to recognize the folks that build the foundation for your success.  They deserve it.  Enjoy the weekend. #TwoDaysTillMonday

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