You Know That I Hate PSA’s

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You know that I hate PSA’s…typically an overrated actor delivering a message about having dinner at home or a disgraced one about starting a teaching career… ugh.

If you haven’t seen the video of the police officer nearly struck by a car during a traffic stop you gotta see it. 

We have a “Move Over” law in New Jersey  to force people to comply with what really should be common sense.  Too many police officers are killed in the line of duty for us to take this lightly.  Traffic fatalities are second to the leading cause of officer deaths in the past ten years, being shot. 

Trooper Sean Cullen

Construction ConeBut is it really about the law?  The law didn’t prevent the death of Trooper Sean Cullen. The law doesn’t seem to have an impact on construction fatalities either. There are still incidents of construction workers hit by cars across NJ.  

And the law had no impact on the Linwood officer’s barely escaping death.  We need people to drive slower and move over when they see a police car pulled over to the side of the road.  Don’t get me wrong, I’m all for ticketing drivers who don’t move over, but how about when you have traffic speeding up in the left lane preventing your movement?  

Let’s make this a priority in driver’s education classes as well as continuing to talk about it in the media and at home with your young, new drivers.  Slow down, move over and pay attention.  The families of fallen police officers and construction workers will thank you.





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