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IMG_0531Blue Friday LogoLast week I had the honor of speaking to a group of Police Officers and Firefighters for the ‘Union County 200 Club’ annual awards luncheon.  Invited by Somerville Mayor Brian Gallagher, I spoke mainly about the meaning of valor, courage and sacrifice.  When a former Olympic champion gets an award for ‘Courage’ based on making a decision to reject his birth gender and go through numerous alterations in order to ‘become a woman’, the very meaning of the word is lost

IMG_0533Courage, valor and sacrifice are words associated with the brave members of the NYPD and FDNY who charged up the stairs at the World Trade Center while thousands descended to escape the flames, smoke and eventual collapse.  Of course, this is an example of heroism that few dispute.  I also pointed out that these values found in so many of our law enforcement officers and firefighters can also be found in small deeds.  Saving a woman’s life as she choked on a ravioli.  Helping a young girl who’s mom was a victim of a domestic violence attack by getting her a candy bar.  And firefighters battling a blaze and saving kittens.  All small gestures, and all heroic deeds.  

As you know, I’ll continue to honor our men and women who get up every day and put on a uniform to go face danger and serve to keep the peace in our communities.  

Here’s the full speech:


Going forward I’ll continue to make my way around New Jersey, standing up for law enforcement and changing the narrative one story of courage at a time.


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