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OK.  So the list will be coming out…soon.  The “Who’s Who” of Bridgegate. Hmm. Two thoughts.  

WildsteinFirst, who cares?  One of the key players in the mess, David Wildstein has already pled guilty and the two others allegedly involved will be headed to trial soon.  Given the exhaustive investigation by the U.S. Attorney it seems that justice is going to be served for the ill-conceived lane closures. Since the Democrat-led legislative investigative committee and the U.S. Attorney cleared the Governor it seems that the real news headline has already been published.

GWBSecondly, isn’t the real issue here that the system enabling politicians to control the Port Authority as a patronage machine, we’re perpetuating the same corrupt system that failed us in the first place.  Government leaders on both sides of the Hudson River have a history of appointing political hacks to high paying jobs with or without experience managing transportation systems.  How was Bill Baroni qualified to be one of the top executives in charge of an airport and river crossings?

The releasing of names will likely embarrass some key players in Christie’s administration and in the Republican party.  But it won’t change the fact that politicians can and reward political loyalists with key posts that can have a huge impact on people’s daily lives.  I’d rather see the energy and emotional reaction focused on the problems at the Port Authority.  It’s time to have the bi-state agency dissolved and the key crossings and the airport privatized.  

On a funny side note, Wildstein was formerly known as the political blogger “Wally Edge” for PolitickerNJ.com. Clearly no fan of mine, here was a headline he wrote a few years ago…one of my favorites!


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