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Blue Friday LogoToday we took the time to honor the three Clifton NJ police officers who risked their own lives to save four motorists involved in a single car crash from a car engulfed in flames.  The officers, Owen Curry, Jermaine Burgess and Frank Castro joined me on the radio this morning to discuss what happened.  I even received a call later in the morning from Officer Curry’s mother-in-law who called to thank us for honoring the officers and for hosting #BlueFriday every week.

Today’s show comes on the heels of a vigil event held by the Fraternal Order of Police in Berlin, NJ last night.  I was invited to participate by Sgt. Wayne Bonfiglio from the Berlin PD.  He did an outstanding job honoring his fellow officers from throughout New Jersey and even presented me with a certificate of appreciation from the FOP. It was a truly humbling experience to serve as a guest speaker amid the uniformed officers in attendance and the families of those cops who gave the ultimate sacrifice.

As you head into the weekend take the time to appreciate a local police officer as they are the ones getting up every morning with the possibility of risking their lives to save yours.

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