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3And that’s a wrap. With a huge win in Indiana, Donald Trump becomes the presumptive nominee of the Republican Party and will secure enough delegates for a first ballot win.  As far as New Jersey is concerned, the primary votes will again not have a real bearing on the contest, or will they?  

Donald Trump is leading in the NJ primary in some polls by more than 30 points.  This was when he had Ted Cruz and John Kasich to run against.  Now all alone in the race, the question is whether the New Jersey GOP will rise to the level of Roger Stone’s prediction on my morning radio show that Trump puts New Jersey in play against the Democrats and their presumptive nominee Hillary Clinton.

6Many will now lament the fact that New Jersey’s votes in June no longer matter.  Many are just having a hard time digesting that Donald Trump, with none of the political credentials of his fallen foes, will be the GOP standard bearer in the Fall.  The reality is Trump has brought in a new wave of nontraditional GOP voters.  Forgetting polls for a minute, just from the anecdotal evidence of the callers I interact with daily on the radio, there are many more union belonging, truck driving, democrat voting people that when I ask them who they like for President, I get a simple one word answer: Trump.

There’s no crystal ball in politics and polls are most accurate a few days prior to an election, and even then...  That said, Through Trump’s very different style, anti-PC comments and ability to connect with average working Americans on issues of American jobs and keeping America safe he’s tapped into a sleeping giant of the American electorate.  Already  becoming a favorite among those that want to wreck the established political order on the GOP side, the question is will he tap into the same people among independents and Democrats.   If my listeners are an indicator, he’s doing just that.   Even with the strong Democratic majority in New Jersey, both in the legislature and among affiliated voters, it sure looks like this is gonna be a game-changing, close and very vicious  election.  Get ready!

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