Hey Tailgaters…Back Off!

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As you may have heard this morning on my radio show on NJ1015, there’s another viral video that’s come out resulting in an internal investigation of a police officer.  This time it’s a Clifton, NJ cop who did what many refer to as a “Brake Check” on a motorist.  You’ll see in the video that the driver with the dash cam is following the police officer and seemingly adjusting speed to stay about a car length behind him.  Talking to several people this am on the show, it seems that everyone agrees that the driver is a bit too close.  The issue people have raised is with the actions of the officer, stopping in the middle of the street, not turning on his lights and braking suddenly.

C’mon…are you kidding?  You’ve got a driver who is clearly tailgating a police officer, has a missing front license plate and tinted driver windows, all against NJ law.  Remember from driving school that you need to be a car length per 10 mph behind the car in front of you.  Although that’s been adjusted to what’s known as the 2 second rule …many drivers courses still use the car length as a reference.  By any definition, this guy was tailgating a police cruiser.  Of course the cop should’ve pulled him over.  If you notice from the video, the officer slows up before stopping short and the driver slows with him.  This may be the main reason that the cars don’t collide.  

I’m tired of every guy with a cell phone looking to play ‘gotcha’ with cops while the police officers are out risking their lives to keep our communities safe.  Did you know that while this guy was enjoying the YouTube views and likes, police officers risked their lives in Clifton early Saturday morning pulled four people, injured in a crash, out of a car engulfed in flames, saving all of their lives?

If you’re tailing a cop, back off.  If a cop is tailing you, move over.  Let’s stop the whining about a police officers not following procedure.  He rightly gave a ticket to a motorist who had broken the law.  He probably could’ve handled the traffic stop in a better way but he was polite and measured when speaking to the motorist.  Did you think that perhaps the officer wanted to make sure the guy didn’t speed past him if he had pulled to the side?  There’s always another perspective but in the overall discussion of a cops duties and the actions of this cop in particular, we should have bigger issues with which to be concerned.  Trying to make this traffic stop rise to the level of “Police Misconduct” is a stretch.  The officer should get a quick talking too from his chief and sent back out on patrol.  


2 thoughts on “Hey Tailgaters…Back Off!

    James said:
    May 2, 2016 at 19:52

    Hey bill, maybe the police officer observed a car following him with tinted windows and no front plate, making the car and the driver un-identifiable. Maybe he felt he was about to be ambushed and was in fear for his life that’s why he jammed on the brakes … To surprise the driver before he got the drop on him. There have been 5 incidents where police officers have been ambushed in our area in the last two years that I know of. In queens 3 cops were attracted with a hatchet in the Bronx 2 housing cops in a van were fired upon, in Manhattan a female cop was attracted with a hammer in Philadelphia a lone police officer was shot, and in Brooklyn 2 police officers were assassinated. Bottom line don’t tailgate a cop. Thank God I retired before video cameras were so prevelant. Just a thought about what might have been going through the cops mind. Great show …excuse my grammar.

      Bill Spadea said:
      May 3, 2016 at 11:03

      Thanks James – appreciate your comment.- you raise some strong points. talk to you tomorrow am!

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