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Dirty PoliticsPolitical reality is exposed this cycle more than most.  I’ve discussed the brutal nature of politics before, specifically that the vitriol between the candidates this cycle is no worse than many elections going back to the founding of the nation. So it’s not the vicious nature of the battle for the White House that is any different this election.  It’s always been a brutal path filled with vitriolic personal attacks and I believe it will continue to as long as we’re electing Presidents.


5The difference this year is that the so-called ‘back-room’ has come into full view of the voting public. Senator Ted Cruz and Governor John Kasich are desperately try to prevent Donald Trump from winning enough delegates in the remaining primaries for a first ballot victory at the convention.  The interesting thing about the battle now is it seems the very people saying that a Trump nomination would destroy the party by electing Hillary and potentially costing seats in the Congress, seems to be looking to make sure that happens.  Imagine the damage done to the eventual nominee with credible candidates who have no chance of winning on the first ballot spending time to divide up remaining delegates in order to keep Trump inder the magic number of 1237?

All this while the RNC Chairman, seeing the writing on the wall, decided to go after the #NeverTrump movement to stop and called for party unity.  

4The back room deals with candidates colluding and working to undermine rivals is nothing new.  With headlines and candidate comments revealing the deals now the only difference is that it’s in full public view.  Tomorrow is primary day in PA, CT, RI, MD and DE.  PA with 70 delegates in a winner-take-all contest is the big prize Trump is poised for a big win.  Trump is also leading in the polls in every state voting tomorrow and may walk away with 75-100 new delegates. Big wins on Tuesday will get Trump close to the 1,000 delegate mark putting him in a position to close the deal over the next few weeks. 

Now that his enemies within the party have shown their willingness to be destroyers and not builders and the public is aware of just how nasty American politics can be, the GOP battle to defeat Hillary got that much tougher.  That said, it’s more positive than negative that the destroyers within the ranks of the GOP have been exposed.  It was clearly time for this kind of significant change in American politics. How long were we going to endure public opinion that holds politicians and elected representative in such low regard before electing an outsider?  Bernie tried as much on the Democratic side but with super-delegates and the fact that he’s an unabashed socialist will prevent him from accomplishing the same.  So the new GOP led by Trump will likely take on the establishment Democrats in the Fall.  It will be interesting to see just how far the voters are willing to go to enact real political change.  Either way, the old guard of the Grand Old Party is exposed and in ruins.  Like it or not, it’s a new Republican Party that will be taking on the Establishment Democrats in the Fall.  Can they win? More to come on this for sure…

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