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Ras Barakas HeadHmm… Livin’ in Ras Baraka’s head rent free?  Yesterday I spent a good part of the morning discussing the incredible disservice that the Newark Mayor was doing to his residents by denying them job opportunities and affordable transportation.  Seems that instead of interacting in a constructive conversation about how to make the cab industry more competitive, the mayor chose to double down and attack the one company that is looking to help thousands of Newark residents lift themselves out of the tough economic circumstances that currently surround them.  Uber is a safe, efficient and affordable alternative to current transportation options in Newark.  The company is poised to help people on the consumer and entrepreneurial sides of the equation.  They should be encouraged not attacked.  The regulations and fees currently in place should be reduced for competitors like cabs in order to truly level the playing field for all.  Instead, Baraka decided to attack Uber and continue the narrative of half truths and fear tactics in order to get his way.  

Check out my interview with Uber from yesterday:

And here is the Mayor’s ignorant response to the overwhelming number of calls he received from our listeners:

Decide for yourself and then call him to let him know it’s time to #FreeUber (973) 733-6400.


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