No… Senator Beck Is Not Running For Governor.

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State Senator Jennifer Beck (R) New Jersey

Had a great conversation with New Jersey State Senator Jennifer Beck earlier today on the morning show.  It’s clear that she’s one of the few Jersey politicians who’s not afraid to speak her mind and stand up for her constituents.  Our conversation ranged from Atlantic City to the Gas Tax to whether she was considering a run for Governor.  Best part was that she was able to jump right into the conversation immediately as she walked in from the parking lot.  No delay, no break, just a real conversation about issues impacting you.

As far as the gas tax is concerned, she’s opposed to it.  She didn’t hedge her answers with talk of trading one tax for another as many New Jersey Republicans have done over the past few months. She has her own plan for revenue generation but the big story is she’s got the courage to stand up against the compromising GOP who have been willing to settle in as a minority party offering little or no opposition to the majority.  I’ve been talking about this for a while how the NJ GOP missed an opportunity during the 2015 legislative elections to capitalize on NJ voters opposition to the tax

The other big issue is Jen’s opposition to the state takeover of Atlantic City.  We agreed that the state already has the tool in place to hold the Mayor and the city government accountable for any money they receive from the state.  She was measured, saying that she has had to respectfully disagree with the Governor on this one, 

Of course I had to ask her whether she would be a candidate for Governor at some point in the future.  Unlike most politicians who speak in sound bites full of hesitation and speculation she simply said No.  Nice going Senator.  Refreshing to share your perspective with my audience today.  Of course if you change your mind on the Governor thing, you know where the mic is…

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