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You never know what you’re gonna get when you bring a bear to the studio.  Bailey the bear cub from Great Adventure was a hit on my morning radio show and on Chasing News.  Although I did blog about the segment with the bear yesterday, I thought mentioning what happened last night on New Jersey 101.5’s “Ask The Governor” was worth another bear-related post.

Governor Christie comes into the radio studio every month to take calls from New Jersey residents.  Last night on the show, Eric Scott  mentioned to the Governor that the chair he was sitting in was occupied by a brown bear earlier in the day.  The Governor without missing a beat responded…”Is that what you call Bill Spadea now? That’s not right…you gotta be working with that guy…That’s not right, I know Bill, very nice young man.  I mean c’mon.”

So first of all, thanks Governor Christie for the nice compliment.  And second, if you listen to the rest of the conversation, it’s clear that the bear slobbering and scratching my face was a good source of entertainment for my co-workers.  

Although note everyone seems to get the the lighter side of the segment and the Governor’s follow up…got this tweet earlier today…

You can’t make ‘em all happy.  But really, the challenge with social media today is that many people get uptight and angry over simple things.  Sometimes a tweet is just about a bear cub and a compliment.  So my tip for handling negatives on twitter is very simple, don’t engage in a battle, just give ‘em a Retweet!  

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