Sanders Has the Bear Vote

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Today’s blog is a little lighter…sort of…I brought in a very special guest to the radio show this morning.  Bailey the bear cub from Great Adventure joined me on set.  Now not everyone was thrilled with the idea of having a bear on the radio…”You know this is radio right?” Was said on more than one occasion.  But, I thought, people love animals, the bear is still a cub and we’ll live stream it on Facebook.  It was either going to be the worst idea I’ve had in awhile, or the best.  Why don’t you judge for yourself.

Of course if you have a bear on set the best thing to do is ask her political questions.  I started by asking Dr. Ken, the bears ‘handler’ to show Bailey a picture of all five top presidential contenders.  The page size pics were placed in front of her and Ken and she quickly swatted every picture aside to make her selection..pouncing with both paws on Bernie Sanders.  Yup, the European brown bear selected the only socialist in the race…go figure.

After selecting her pic for our next President, I asked if I could hold Bailey.  Let’s just say that holding a bear cub when they’re hungry isn’t the best idea.  Suffice to say that I was covered in bear slobber from chin to ear…yes it was a bit gross.  There was a slight incident with the bear paw, yes, she’s got claws.  You might see the scratch near my eye when you watch tonight’s Chasing News
The good news is that every month I’m gonna feature another animal on my morning show from Great Adventure…although they suggested we feature a large snake next…hmm.  We’ll see…

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    […] cub from Great Adventure was a hit on my morning radio show and on Chasing News.  Although I did blog about the segment with the bear yesterday, I thought mentioning what happened last night on New Jersey 101.5’s “Ask The Governor” was […]

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