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Western civilization is under attack.  Islamic terrorism struck again early today with the massacre at the Brussels airport and metro station killing dozens of passengers and commuters.

As I said on the morning radio show, it’s clearly time to step up our security at our own airports throughout the US.  The idea that the ticket counters and baggage claim areas are vulnerable leaves open the possibility of a similar attack in the US. On the positive side, law enforcement has been doing an outstanding job of keeping us safe.  As of June 2015, American law enforcement has thwarted at least 69 Islamic terror plots since the attacks on September 11th.

That said, there remains a real and growing threat.  Despite the actions of law enforcement, we’ve seen mass murders at the hands of Islamists in San Bernardino. Paris and now Brussels.  We continue to see images of Christians being beheaded by Islamist militants and their followers.  Seems the problem globally is getting worse and not better.  

During the taping of  Chasing News today and on the radio this morning, the conversation turned to how we stay vigilant and prevent future attacks as well as defeat and eradicate the Islamic threat.  I proposed several ideas, some of which are at work already in other nations as well as in the US.  Surveillance of mosques, closing them down when appropriate, behavior profiling, matching the tactics employed by Israeli security at airports and other transit hubs and expanding the security line at airports from the gates to beyond ticket counters and baggage claim.  The response from at least one caller and a couple of Chasers on set was that having to go to these lengths to ensure security was tantamount to having the terrorists win.  Really?  You know when the terrorists win?  When they can successfully commit mass murder and shut down our cities and commerce.  Our very real fear that must translate into action is not weakness and ‘letting them win’. Actually it’s quite the opposite.  A strong, severe response to massacres like today is the only thing that will save innocent lives from the hands of these barbarians.

While discussing the need for enhanced security, I had to ask on the air who was gonna call me and repeat the often used Ben Franklin quote:

Benjamin Franklin once said: “Those who would give up essential Liberty, to purchase a little temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety.” That quote often comes up in the context of new technology and concerns about government surveillance.

And of course I had a few.  

Here’s the bottom line and the answer to those concerned about the balance of civil liberty and security.  Without the security of being able to get to your flight, get on a bus, walk through Times Square, take the train to work or be safe in the public square, your liberty is being severely restricted by the possibility of an attack.  Security checks and precautions based on law enforcement activity isn’t the problem, it’s the solution.  

We need to wake up from the slumber induced by our Politically Correct culture and pursue the aggressive avenues of law enforcement available to us before the next attack, not in the wake of counting bodies and informing families.  How many more innocent men, women and children need to die at the hands of the Islamist militants and their followers?  Seems that the secret isn’t in cutting edge technology employed by the NSA but instead lies directly with the vigilance of the brave men and women working in law enforcement right now to keep us safe in our communities.  Surveillance of suspect terrorists, behavior profiling of certain groups and people, advanced interrogation techniques and imprisonment for anyone connected to terror cells, preferably at Guantanamo Bay.  That’s the path to winning this war.

We’ve seen what happens when those charged with our security are vilified in the media and by politicians.  Take a look at New York city over the past year.  Murders, rapes, robberies and slashings are all on the rise.

“Murder, which has a four and one half percent increase, rape which was up about six percent, and robbery which is up, about two percent,” said Dermot Shea, Deputy Commissioner, Operations.

– ABC 7 New York

How much of this has to do directly with the ‘bad guy’ being identified by the incoming mayor as the NYPD itself, going so far as to share that he’s warned his own son about the dangers of dealing with the the men and women wearing the blue uniform.

Then there was de Blasio’s recent announcement that he had warned his biracial son Dante about the dangers of dealing with the NYPD.

“Because of a history that still hangs over us [and] the dangers that he may face, we’ve had to literally train him as families have all over this city for decades in how to take special care in any encounter he has with police officers, who are there to protect him. …

“There’s so many families in this city who feel that each and every night. Is my child safe? And not just from some of the painful realities of crime and violence in some of our neighborhoods, but are they safe from the very people they want to have faith in, as their protectors?”

– Reuters

Terrorism will also continue to disrupt our cities and kill innocents if we allow the media and apologist politicians to name the so-called ‘bad guy’ as our own intelligence, military and law enforcement communities.  We know our enemy.  We know what nations they come from and what groups they belong to and we have an opportunity to win this war.  Now is the time to throw off the shackles of political correctness and rise to the occasion. We’ve got got to have the courage, vigilance and the stomach to get serious.  We must understand that this is a war with an enemy that can’t be reasoned with, can’t be cajoled or bribed into retreat, and can’t be convinced to change their ways.  There is only one solution, the Islamist militants and their followers must be destroyed.

Carthago delenda est

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