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Paul Fishman, U.S. Attorney For The District Of New Jersey

U.S. Attorney Paul Fishman penned an op-ed on NJ.com under the guise protecting ‘religious liberty’, specifically protecting Islam from discrimintation.  The article stems from workshops conducted through a directive from the Justice Department to focus on the possibility of discrimination toward the Islamic community.  We’ve heard the terms ‘Islamophobia’ and the ‘hijacking of the religion of peace’ as the Obama administration and the forces of political correctness continue to ignore the in-your-face evidence of Islamist terrorism and dangers right here at home.  Donald Trump has become the focal point with Fishman mentioning him during his conversation with Alex Zdan on Chasing News, stating that things are worse in recent months.

From the Fishman Article:

Even today, too many people in this country continue to suffer discrimination and violence because of their religious beliefs. Following heinous acts of terrorism in particular, too many Muslim Americans — and those communities perceived as Muslim — suffer a backlash of violence and discrimination.

This discriminatory backlash not only threatens the millions of Muslims in the United States who peacefully practice their religion; it threatens the very ideals that built the foundation of our democracy. Muslims help make up the fabric of our nation. They work in our local businesses, teach in our schools, compete on our sports teams and risk their lives in defense of our country.

The reader is led to believe that the greater threat to American ideals and liberty is backlash against the Muslim community instead of a well placed suspicion and concern with the rise of homegrown Islamists.  The shootings in San Bernadino and the assassination attempt of a Philadelphia police officer in the name of Islam are two recent examples of the growing issue at home.

Beyond the biased opinion focusing on backlash instead of the terror attacks that created the backlash, there are other disconcerting points raised by the US Attorney…
First is the absence of any mention clear discrimination against Christianity in America evidenced by the examples of Christian bakers under legal assault for stances on marriage, Catholic hospitals and adoption services for the same, even a court case brought about by someone reading a bible on the grounds of the Department of Motor Vehicles.  God and Christian symbols being removed from the public square including classrooms…the list goes on.  

A court has said that a pair of Christians were ‘allowed’ to read the Bible aloud outside the Department of Motor Vehicles in Hemet, California. Wasn’t it kind of the government courts in California to say that these Christians were allowed to have their rights to free religious expression? …Back in 2011 Mark Mackey and Bret Coronado were arrested and charged with misdemeanor offenses for reading the Bible outside the DMV location. … But on August 13, Superior Court Judge Timothy Freer found the men ‘not guilty’ of any offenses. …Interestingly, the judge also pointed out that the law prosecutors tried to invoke was likely unconstitutional as it gave law enforcement overbroad powers to quash public gatherings in the first place. Sadly, this case did not go toward settling the constitutionality of the law, but it was a victory of sorts to have the judge even mention the fact.”

Yes, there were actually Americans arrested for reading the Bible on public property. What do you think the chances are that two Muslims reading the Quran would have been arrested under the same circumstances?


Half of the nation now sees this as a serious problem according to a recent poll:

Nearly 50 percent of Americans believe discrimination against Christians in the U.S. has become as big of a problem as discrimination against other ethnic and religious groups, according to a new survey published by the Public Religion Research Institute.

Forty-nine percent of the Americans surveyed believe that discrimination against Christians is becoming as big of a problem as discrimination against other groups, while 47 percent disagree.

Out of all the white evangelical Protestants surveyed, 70 percent said Christian discrimination has become a serious issue, while just 28 percent disagreed. People unaffiliated with Christianity leaned more toward discrimination not being as big of a problem as discrimination against other groups, as 59 percent disagreed with the statement with only 34 percent agreeing.

There is also the point completely ignored in the Fishman article about how vigilant law enforcement activity, including surveillance of mosques, has resulted in law enforcement thwarting 69 major terror plots since 9/11.

From the Heritage Foundation:

On June 2 in Boston, Usaamah Abdullah Rahim drew a knife and attacked police officers and FBI agents, who then shot and killed him. Rahim was being watched by Boston’s Joint Terrorism Task Force as he had been plotting to behead police officers as part of violent jihad. A conspirator, David Wright or Dawud Sharif Abdul Khaliq, was arrested shortly thereafter for helping Rahim to plan this attack.

This plot marks the 69th publicly known Islamist terrorist plot or attack against the U.S. homeland since 9/11, and is part of a recent spike in terrorist activity. The U.S. must redouble its efforts to stop terrorists before they strike, through the use of properly applied intelligence tools.

In addition to what’s happening on our own soil, the clear target of law enforcement following the barbaric Paris attacks was in the Muslim community resulting in the closure of several mosques.

French Interior Minister Bernard Cazaneuve defended such tough measures, saying, “It is the terrorism that is the threat to freedom, not the state of emergency.”

Cazaneuve said Wednesday that a “large police contingent” closed one mosque in Lagny-sur- Marne, a suburb in eastern Paris, placing nine “radicalized individuals” under house arrest and barring  22 from leaving the country.

In the raid, police confiscated  a 9mm handgun, a computer hard drive hidden behind a wall and jihadist propaganda. Cazaneuve said police discovered documents about an unregistered Quranic school.

USA Today

When the conversation turns to Donald Trump wanting to bar Muslims from coming into the country, there’s also evidence that there exists a high probability that the people he’s referring to raise a serious concern about anti-semitism in the Muslim world…

There’s an Anti-Defamation League report detailing the problem:

In 2014, the Anti-Defamation League released the results of polling 53,100 people in 102 countries for evidence of anti-Semitic attitudes and beliefs. The numbers from the majority-Muslim world are difficult to believe for those steeped in politically correct rhetoric about Islam. A full 74 percent of North African and Middle Eastern residents registered anti-Semitic beliefs, including 92 percent of Iraqis, a whopping 69 percent of relatively secular Turks, and 74 percent of Saudis.

Beyond the rampant anti-semitism, there’s also a reported issue of complete intolerance of other religions going so far in many countries to support the death penalty for non-believers.

This research was done by Pew:

In multiple Muslim nations, overwhelming majorities of Muslims support the death penalty for apostasy or blasphemy. Collectively, this means that hundreds of millions of men and women support capital punishment for the exercise of the basic human rights of freedom of expression and free exercise of religion:

From National Review.com

The bottom line is that with a politically correct focus on discrimination instead of the root cause of Islamist radicalism and terror keep a blind eye turned toward threats to our nation.  Only Donald Trump seems to have cut through the PC rhetoric and false narratives which may explain his meteoric rise in the polls.  If we begin to deal in the reality of how many Muslims across the globe actually admit how they feel about non-believers and Jews, we might get to a real conversation about separating Good from Evil.  Short of that, we will continue to act weak and confused every time an American is killed in the name of Islam.  There are many Muslims in America that are subjected to ridicule and fear, that’s true.  But the culprit is not those that want to protect America and be vigilant against extremism.  The culprit is the radicals carrying out barbaric attacks against innocent people.

During World War II my grandfather was serving as a U.S. Marine at Guadalcanal.  It was during that time that his father was questioned as an Italian immigrant about his allegiance to America.  Years later my father asked him if he was mad at the FBI for questioning his patriotism while his son fought to save America and the world  from fascism.  His response?  “My anger is at Mussolini for putting Italians in a bad light, not the FBI for doing their job.”
Time for American Muslims and government leaders to step up and focus their anger, suspicion and action toward the perpetrators of the crimes and not the potential victims.

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